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I am a miracle! You are a miracle! To be alive here is a miracle!

Let’s Go Arts presents this cultural proposal for the recording and launch of the video clip Miracles, whose song was performed by the artists Fernanda Noronha & Peu Pereira. This project held by Let’s Go Arts. Also, the video clip has the general direction of Peu Pereira and Cultural Production of Sugarloaf Entertainment.
This video clip has as its theme the celebration of life, despite everyday challenges, promoting the positive and contemplative side of existence.
The song “Miracles has the musical production by Pereira and this single was recorded at Pulsom studio, in Woodstock, Georgia.
The video clip will be record in Georgia, United States and its launch is scheduled for the second half of 2022, in “Sounds of the World” channel (YouTube), with expressive promotion on the main digital platforms.
It is worth mentioning that the video clip “Miracles” in addition to promoting reflection on the positive aspects of life, celebrating victories in the face of everyday challenges, its profit will be directed to the continuity of the activities that the nonprofit “Let’s Go Arts” has been carrying out.

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