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Let's go Arts” is a nonprofit licensed in the state of Georgia and its mission is to contribute to the promotion of various cultural spheres such as music, dance, literature, among others, through cultural actions, artistic activities, educational actions and sports, enabling access to the diversity, creativity and cultural exchange between different countries, specially the Brazilian culture.


Past Actions: 


* 2020 - Let's Go Arts had also been developing some social actions to help the Georgia Community, especially to support the less fortunate people during the pandemic, like the campaign "United against Covid-19 - The show must go on"which goal was to help many families of the Georgia Community that were suffering the impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic to survive and to have a support.


* 2020- Let's Go Arts also realized some projects whose goal were to promote the Brazilian Culture like the events "Brazilian Independence Week" and "Brasil Nordestino", from the series "Sounds of Brazil".

About the series "Sounds of Brazil", it is a program of events audiovisuals dedicated to the promotion of Brazilian Culture Abroad, realized by nonprofit Let's Go Arts and  Sugarloaf Productions.

This series aims to focus on every aspect of Brazilian culture, always addressing a musical genre at each edition, as a way to rescue and preserve the cultural identity of Brazil, encompassing several spheres artistic, such as music, dance, theater, literature and the arts in general.




Future Actions:


* Let's Go Arts will continue producing  the series "Sounds of Brazil", promoting other Brazilian rhythms and other aspects of the Brazilian Culture.


* Let's Go Arts intend to turn the series of "Sounds of Brazil" into documentaries and books.


* Let's Go arts will produce 3 different phonographic projects, promoting the Brazilian rhythms and the Cultural Exchange, with participation of musicians from Brazil, United States and other countries.


* Let's Go Arts will produce a Musical DVD promoting the brazilian rhythms and the Cultural Exchange, with participation of musicians from Brazil, United States and other countries.


IMPORTANT: All projects realized by Let's Go Arts nonprofit had a very positive response and had the Cultural Support of the Brazilian General Consulate in Atlanta, BACC and other important institutions in Brazil and in the USA.


We are open to listen to new ideas, always with the goal of supporting our community and the Arts around the world!


If you can help, Contact us! Thanks a lot in advance! Let's go together! 


Please feel free to call or email us.


Best Regards,

Fernanda Noronha & Peu Pereira



*For more informations about the nonprofit Let's Go Arts and its projects please



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